Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stuff I love

So loving my rainbow sharpies. I really want some that are almost like a ball point pen. Must search to see if they have them. Super handy for drawing and some paintings.

These photographs always baffled me as to how you can make them. I found the trick and am going to practice this soon. Its not photoshop either, that also surprised me.
And these. My little girl is going to be getting some of these soon.They are Trumpette Mary Jane socks. So perfect for her little feet. I cant wait to dress her up. Haven't used eBay in forever, but man it was super handy, especially since the shipping is way cheaper than the manufacturers site.


Fiona said...

I'm pretty sure they make sharpies in colours that are the ultra fine-tip ones. Not actual ball point though.
Also, I love those little socks!

Anonymous said...

I had those socks for Brianna! They are cute but the threads went wonky pretty fast. Walmart has something similar in the sock section and are much cheaper and even have little grip on the bottom... you know, for when she walks everywhere at 6 months.

me + sharpies = bff


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