Friday, September 10, 2010

dilly dallying in lightroom

I had to test it out, this lightroom thing. I've heard many people use it. Its kinda like a simplified photoshop really. So far its not that hard to use. This was one of the pictures I did up:



I shall have to fiddle more with it to see if its useful or if the regular photoshop is better.


Cin said...

My friend (the professional photographer) says he uses lightroom and photoshop together. I think they each just have different things. I know in lightroom it had a cool bar that showed all the photos in a set which made it easier to find stuff

Cin said...

Oh just asked him again.. he does some things better then PS and you can do batch files. which is useful for lots of stuff at once.

heidi said...

i like how you edited out that distracting random person in the background :)

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