Friday, June 12, 2009

homemade solid brown sugar body scrub

Well, I've been wandering the etsy site while listing items and I saw some neat little solid body scrub stuff, and I really wanted it. Flipping expensive stuff it was. So I went online and looked for recipies for it, didn't look too complicated, especially when I read the ingredients in some of the etsy listings.

Well it turns out its brown sugar, fancy oil, fragrance oil and if you want oatmeal or aloe vera.
Not hard, I have all that crap here.

So I made some. Its sitting in little squares in my ice cube tray. Brown and smells like chai tea (yay fragrance oil from eBay!). I am waiting for it to harden so I can pop it out of the tray and have little squares for my showers.

I shall post pictures of it if tomorrow, its pretty dark, and I want to show the finished results. If it feels nice and works well, I shall post how I made it, it was kinda fun.

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