Wednesday, May 12, 2010

crafts in bed

Tony has been insistant that I lay down more, or stay in bed. He worries too much, but I will listen to him for the most part. This morning I grabbed all my crafty things and spread them all over the bed. I mostly worked on making bigger envelopes that have a bubble wrap inside. I am planning on mailing something out and I don't want it ruined. I used magazine covers and recycled bubble wrap from Aria. It was not hard and I didn't have to buy the envelopes, and I guess the other bonus is eco friendlyish considering I am recycling.

Tony cooks now which is a nice change. Tonight he made me homemade burgers. I am not so happy that he missed his class this evening, but he explained to me that he is stressed. I told him I was sorry, but he said "its not your fault, its the little being inside you that is doing it". Poor guy. So far I am not as worried cause we only have 9 days left at the most before she has to appear. He's emailed his teachers about things and hopefully they will understand.

So I don't have a lot of other plans other than to keep him company in the living room and watch some tv.  Tomorrow I do have plans to do some painting on my bed. Watercolours, so that I don't ruin anything.

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