Thursday, May 13, 2010

40 weeks and a day

This is the turkey sized baby that I am growing still. I am wearing Aria's fisherman type pants from india. Most comfortable ones I have right now that are clean.

My mothers day card that I made my momma. I was crafting a lot lately. I think the baby needs more things on her wall, so I am going to be doing some paper cutting I think.

Newest project that is also going. 

This is not for baby, but if it turns out well, I may try selling it. Supplement our income using etsy. My soaps never sold, I didn't think they would. I am going to give them away. They might make cute birthday presents. Birthday season is almost upon us. Almost everyone I know has a summer birthday. I appreciate children born in spring and fall. I always got the food I wanted my momma to make, she even once made me turkey dinner <3 Aria for like 3 years was never home on her birthday due to family vacation, camp or traveling. Her birthday always fell on the camp staff break, and usually we would be doing something or going to Alberta. I swear we celebrated her birthday driving in the car to Alberta.


Cin said...

Huge baby! Hope you're staying comfy in this heat.

Jennifer said...

auntie Dar made all our kids door plaques.

Carmyn's has a Castle.
Rowan's has Star Wars.

heidi said...

tristan's door plaque is "tristan's treehouse" with little woodsie animals on it and samuel's is "samuel's safari" with jungle animals. super cute. you'll get your's soon, just you wait :)

Shannon said...

oh I'm hoping the lapse in posts means you"ll be showing off a baby soon!

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