Friday, May 07, 2010

mmm easy dinner

Whole wheat bow-tie pasta with tomato, red pepper, cucumber and spinach all mixed with roasted red pepper pesto.

I kept thinking about the red pepper pesto I've been meaning to use for so long and finally decided that I had to use it today. Its very good and very spicy surprisingly. I am also shocked at how much Tony liked it cause there's no meat in this at all.  It was an easy dinner to make and I am glad cause we need to leave the house soon to see the Iron Man 2 movie. Not my ideal last-date-before-baby-movie but Robin Hood is not out for a couple weeks yet and Tony really liked the first Iron Man movie. I disliked it only cause I really cant stand Gweneth Paltrow.

Oh well, off to this movie we go

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Aria said...

man that looks good. I want to eat it now.

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