Tuesday, May 04, 2010

curry take two...

We are making it again. It was a hit last night and I am in the mood for eating more than one bowl of it. The rice is cooking, the chicken veggie sauce is simmering and I am salivating.

Tony added more curry paste this time to motivate this baby out. I've been not worrying about this baby today. Keep telling myself it will happen when it happens. It was hard this morning though. I was flipping through the channels and saw some woman on TLC have her baby girl. BAH! Made me all weepy for a second that I didn't get that. I will say that the epidural looks more tempting all the time and I am totally okay for it as long as Tony stays with me while they do it.

I'm about a third of the way done my new book. Its so nice to have something new to read. I am really trying not to read as much, but its too hard for me to stop sometimes.  The table needs another coat of chalkboard paint and then a day to set. I am going to get Tony to do that tonight for me.

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