Monday, May 03, 2010

curry for dinner

Today was pretty boring for me. I didnt end up going to the craft store. Just didnt have the energy for it. I did half of a craft. I took my ugly paint splattered lack table from ikea (a basic black square table) and spray painted the top with black chalkboard paint. I told ya I was bored. Tony sprayed it outside for me. Now it has to set for a day and then I get to draw on it with chalk.

Not that I am trying to induce labor, but I did make coconut chicken curry. Pataks Hot Curry Paste, can of coconut milk and chicken + veggies. Tony has wolfed his down, he loves it. I've usually just used a can or jar of their sauce, but this paste is pretty good with just coconut milk. It tastes more thai. Had to book it to the store first for acid reducer pills. Last time I ate this stuff I had terrible heartburn.

Nothing remotely exciting has happened yet. I've kind of given up. Not going to take any drastic measures. I am just going to try things that happen to be things I like. Baby has been moving around all day, and Tony can tell she wants out. He can imagine her trying to stretch out and push herself out with her legs. Hes getting so impatient. I think my next thing is to bake bran muffins. I like bran muffins. They are awesome with butter melting all over them. mmmm

When the table is finished, (by tomorrow when the winds die down) I will show it off.

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