Sunday, May 02, 2010

new book!

I've heard nothing but good things about this book. I havent seen the movie and I have been dying to read something new. I have nothing new at home, baby books and things about raising babies are getting old now that I've re read them over and over. I've needed a nice break from that stuff. After spending the afternoon with Larissa and Colton at the Make it Craft fair (which was so much fun), I went to the bookstore to hunt for something new.

*Btw, I am thinking something at the craft fair made my hands look like marshmallow hands cause I could barely get my wedding rings off when Larissa noticed that they were puffy. I am not convinced its related to pregnancy as I havent had issues at all with anything like this on my feet or anything else. We shall see how it goes though. I was touching all the scented soaps there.*

So anyways, after the craft fair, I got my new book and headed home in the rain. It was a very good day. Tony stayed home, he doesn't like crafty type things. He has bad memories of being dragged to the fabric store by his mom and he steers clear of these things.

So I have only just started this book and I think I will really like it. Apple blackberry crisp is in the oven for Tony. He loves that stuff. I even have vanilla ice cream.

My to do list for tomorrow is:
  • Buy "Golden Gel Medium" glossy medium weight
  • buy sponge paint brush
  • Get some pictures printed at the UPS place
  • Fold laundry
This is for an awesome crafty thing that I saw. I cannot wait to test it out! I am super excited that they are building a Michaels downtown on Broadway! *drools with anticipation* Baby and I will be making trips down there I am sure.

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heidi said...

one of my top 3 books is so good!!!

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