Saturday, May 01, 2010

no baby yet *sigh*

guess this means I can vacuum today...oh joy. Had a bunch of angry contractions last night, then they stopped and nothing happened. Felt crampy and then went to bed expecting to be awake again. Notta nothing. She did say 48 hours, so kinda hopeful still. Going to do a lot more walking, maybe shopping for I don't know what. Perhaps I shall look for a housecoat or something. I don't want to stray too far from home, but oakridge isn't too far away.

You all should have seen Tony's face though when he realized I was having a "real" contraction. He wasn't able to mask his excitement well and so eventually he was just grinning real big and telling me that it would be ok. Those contractions didn't last too long, and after he told me how excited he really was. Very cute. I broke into the liccorice last night. It was meant for Tony but I couldn't help it, I was already diasappointed. It was all hidden away again but Tony came to bed and said he could smell that it was opened. Busted.


misslarissabree said...

i am so crazy excited for you two!

heidi said...

after being told that i would have tristan a month early, i was in the same boat as you 2 weeks before my due date. i think that doctors should just keep their big mouths shut because they don't know for sure if it is going to happen or not! just try, as hard as you can, to believe that you will have this baby on your due date. that way hopefully the days won't tick by quite as slowly as they have been.

Miranda said...

I think thats the best plan. Gotta be patient.

Fiona said...

Heidi is right, nobody can say for sure when the baby will decide to come out... so until then enjoy the last few nights of being able to sleep as long as you'd like and days of time to do whatever you need/want.

Tracy said...

Hey Miranda,
Don't you just love the waiting game! :o)
With our first, we were told we were gonna have her a month early... and ended up going a week overdue. With our second who was just born 2 weeks ago, we had the membrane sweep thing done 3 different times and still ended up going a week over and being induced.

Hope you are able to fill your waiting days with some fun projects. Don't forget to rest while you can! :o) Praying for you and the delivery!!!

-Tracy Wiebe (Taylor)

Miranda said...

thank you guys :) Ya, the waiting game is the worst right now. I might end up going to the craft store and get some things to keep me busy.

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