Monday, May 10, 2010

sorry I've been gone

its been a while, and I am sorry. I haven't felt like posting anything on here lately. The last couple days I've had painful contractions that will be consistant for a couple hours and then fizzle out to nothing. We even made a trip to the hospital when it seemed like those contractions were going to stay. Got told to go home, only 2 cm dialated. Trudged home, and then the contractions disappeared. We were both exhausted. I am sure my family was too, they came out and stayed and took us to the hospital.

The next day I had contractions again, intense, regular, but not close together and they too also died. Super frustrating for us impatient ones. Being told at the hospital that we would be back in 24 hours did not make me feel better the next day when nothing happened.

We had my family and friends visit yesterday and it helped make us feel better. Trying not to feel frustrated today.

Today, Tony stayed home from school and we hung out and watched Mantracker and How I Met Your Mother.  We've been taking it easy and all that cause we've been feeling so tired the last few days.

I think that ice cream will make us feel a bit better. A walk outside where its beautiful would be perfect.

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