Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sadie's Birth Story

So this is the story of a little baby girl that came into this world on May 15th at 2:42 am. It all started about a week before though. We had been trying to get her out before Tony started school again. It was a week before her actual due date, but the doctors had been expecting her to be early. My doctor swept the membranes to try and get labour started since I had been 2 cm dialated for the last 3 weeks. We went home, nothing happened really. A couple days later I was having contractions. I called my mom who came racing from Chilliwack to take us to the hosptial. We got there, no progress, still 2 cm dialated. She sent us home. So disappointing.

So thinking we would labour a bit at home, we left the hosptial. The contractions died off the moment I went to sleep. We tried many things to get it going again, nothing helped. The contractions would come on so strong and then die off after a couple hours. This happened for 2-3 days.We were both really frustrated and tired after that.

My next doctors appointment came and my blood pressure was stupid high. Hence the bed rest. So this takes us to 4:30 am on May 14th. I woke up with the strong contractions. Timed them after a while, but did not get my hopes up because of what happened before. I woke Tony up at 6 because they were pretty painful. We started timing them and to our surprise, they were almost 6-7 min apart. Tony got all excited and wanted to go to the hospital. I wanted to stay home cause I figured that this was another day where they would just die off. I was also thinking about how I didnt want to spend money on a cab to get to the hospital only to be sent home. We ended up watching Wipeout on the mac that was in our room until Tony got really antsy and called a cab. I reluctantly grabbed my packed bag and off we went.

I think it kinda hit me in the cab ride there that this could be it. It felt like that cab had no shocks and we were on a gravel road. Every bump made the contractions more intense.

So we finally got admitted. I was 4 cm dilated at that point. So nervous about it once I realized we weren't leaving without a baby.  It took them 4 tries to get an IV in in case I wanted the epidural ( I voiced this request after the gas stopped working). At this time labour wasn't progressing so I had my water broken and things started hurting a lot more. They gave me some drugs that were supposed to take away the pain, but it didn't work long and made me almost hallucinate. Couldn't take it any longer after that and I knew that a big needle in the back was the way to go. The anesthetist was really good, did it up fast. By this time it was about 9 or 10 pm. Shortly after that, it was go time and we had gotten to 10 cm dialated.

I had a baby monitor strapped to me and I wasnt paying attention to it, but her heart rate was up. Eventually a doctor (not mine, mine was not working that night) came in to check. She couldnt even figure out what part of the screen on the baby monitor was showing...awesome. I wasnt paying attention really, I had a job to do at that time. Started pushing and was still being monitored. Was obviously not seeing that the babys heart rate was getting very high. Tony saw it and didnt say anything to me. Worrying me was not the way to do it, but pretty soon, the room was filled with 4 doctors and a nurse who were all looking at the monitor and whispering and conferring and such. A smart looking one who was the head of obstetrics examined me and gave us some bad news. After 3 hours of pushing, baby was not going anywhere, she was stuck. Her heart rate was way too high and we were left with 2 options. Option 1 was to do a forceps delivery with a fairly big chance of 3rd degree tearing as well as it was a 50/50 chance of it even working, meaning we would need a c section anyways. The other option was to just do the c section.

I picked the lesser of 2 evils in my mind and did the c section. That day I heard a woman screaming during her forceps delivery, very not cool. So off I went for my first ever major operation.

The c section felt like forever. Especially when the time of the "pressure, tugging and pulling" happened. I am pretty sure it was because baby was super stuck. It hurt and it felt vicious. Tony stayed right with me, he was so good. Eventually she came out, but didn't make a sound. I kept waiting for it after they announced she was out. They told me later that she was blue and they had to resuscitate her. Eventually I heart her cry and my heart melted. Tony brought her over and I saw her tiny face and big eyes. Then he was whisked away while they put me together. Sadie was sent to the NICU.

There's her proud papa. He loves to swaddle her but instead of calling it swaddling, he told me he wraps her up like his burrito.

Her poor little nose got either squashed in there against my bones or the doctor said they might have pulled her out by her face. She was stuck real good, cause they had a hard time getting her out.

Nose looking way better now, almost healed completely. Now one last shot that has not been seen by anyone on facebook yet. This was her newborn going home outfit. Its huge on her in some parts.

There's a little more to her story which will come later. She is fussing and I will write later.


Cin said...

aww poor dear. Both of you! Well I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

Aria said...

:D SO happy you guys are home! I love her going away outfit! Makes me just laugh. So big on her but it makes it cuter.
Love you guys!

Tams said...

oh my goodness, i would have been so scared but i am so glad you are both ok! she's beautiful <3

Uncle Jimbo said...

:D What is a boy to say about babies and birthing and such, except: Good Job!!! Jacelyn was so excited when I told her too! Can't wait to see you three again, but take your time.

Grandma J. said...

Congratulations - she is perfect in every way. Sometimes it's a tough go to get here, but she did it successfully and you survived. Praying blessings on you.

misslarissabree said...

aw mir I love her she is adorable

heidi said...

before you know it, that outfit that was so big on her will be tight on her!

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