Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other part of Sadie's Story

So normally after you have a baby you get to take them home a day or 2 later. This did not happen with us. The first day in the hospital she didnt really eat a lot. She was sleepy and was a little jaundace. Second day, same thing, only more yellowish. She was then put in the incubator under the lights. She was not doing well, she was not nursing well cause she was a impatient frustrated baby. We stayed in the hospital for 4 days altogether. Not at all what I planned or thought would ever happen. Man after the second day I wanted to go home so bad.

She truely loved the incubator though. She never fussed and just relaxed in the heat, tanning away. All the nurses were amazed at how good she was in there and even out. They all admired her hair (which I have to say is awesome as its like ash blonde and has highlights). So finally she was less yellow and eating again and we were allowed to come home.

The first night home was rough. Around midnight we were trying to change her, she ended up peeing all over the place. Figured it was a good time for a bath, so we tried that out.

She was not a happy camper as the water wasn't warm enough...that was our fault, and we felt bad, so it was a quick bath. 

She was my angry duck last night.

*ahem*....check out the curls

She went to sleep ok, but at 3:30 am this morning she decided that it was time to play and would not go to sleep. I ended up taking her to the living room, plunking my small burrito on the couch beside me and we both fell asleep to borning cooking shows.

So now it is time to sleep. I like nap time :)


heidi said...

oh, the curls!! naptime will be your new best friend.

Aria said...

hehehehe I love your angry duck. And the curls. Worth the endless hours of awful heartburn??

Fiona said...

OHHH!!! She is so CUTE!
Conratulations again, I'm glad to see she is doing well at home.

Anonymous said...

You have one stunningly beautiful baby girl - congratulations!

-Tamara L. (Heidi's cousin)

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