Saturday, July 31, 2010

its a disaster zone!

This was my house yesterday...laundry on the floor, baby on the floor (she was content playing) and vacuum on the floor. It didnt feel right to wear a blanket but I had goosebumps from that stupid fever.

Feeling better now. Haven't had a fever yet this morning. So it was what I thought, mastitis. Taking antibiotics for that. Its not terrible, I caught it early before it got bad. Breastfeeding way more just to ensure that this goes away. Hot showers would be nice but that cant happen yet.  Since the rain in the bathroom incident the ceiling is being repaired, and the mud that is on it needs to dry out. So hot washcloths will do.

In other news, we found that Sadie seems to be quite ticklish. Tony was tickling her ribs and she was making noise and grinning and then all of a sudden SQUEAL!! She was so excited that she shrieked in the cutest high pitched voice ever. I think it helped Tony feel better (been stressed out a lot with school lately).

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