Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday I was feeling really off. I just wanted to sleep on the couch, all day long. Too bad tony had school. Sadie just wanted to play. I played in front of the fan with her until I realized something was not right. I was shivering. Now if you've ever been to my place you'd know that it is like a greenhouse with huge windows. It's never that cold. EVER.

To the thermometer I went. Low and behold it beeped that my temperature was high. Grrreat. I hate being sick. I was hoping it would all go away after I took some pills but it's back as of this morning. I know what it probably is and might try to make a real appointment with my doctor today. It's either that or the clinic.

Now it's time to try and sleep for a while, it's way too early.

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