Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I've been trying to get Sadie into a routine of sorts lately. So far its been good. I wake up hearing shuffling and then a squeak, and then more shuffling. I wake up seeing something like this.

All blankets are off, she is ready to play. Recently she has been very interested in the paper hearts on the wall above her bed. I think she is noticing a lot more than just black and white. She still will look at black and white photos on the walls, but she is liking colourful thinks like the "good night moon" and "the very hungry caterpillar" books.

She is very much a morning girl. We play hard for an hour or 2 before she gets all worn out.

She is all smiles in the early morning. It makes it so much easier for me to wake up knowing that we get to play. My work and school schedules were always about waking up late and working till late at night. Its been like that for a few years now, so I got to get into the waking up early thing. Baths before bedtime have also been added to our routine. She is quite the water girl. Loves kicking and doesn't care if I get water in her eyes.

Yesterday Tony babysat while I went out to superstore. It was so nice to get out by myself to do something for a couple hours. He did well despite being stressed out about school and student loans. I will be so glad when we dont have to deal with the student loan people. Doesnt matter if you are the nicest calmest person on the phone, the other person is always a jerk and can never explain anything . I asked them to explain something on the sheet we had and all I got was them reading the exact thing back to me. Only a few more months to go and then Tony will be done and working. Hes ready to work again and I hope he can work for the BC Cancer Agency place again. 

I do believe its freezie time as its already too hot out and its only 9 am.


Tamara said...

I swear, it's not just the student loan people, it's basically anyone who works for the government! I had to call once about my tax return and she just kept repeating the same thing back to me, and I'm like "Hi I can read what the sheet says, I'm asking you to explain why this decision was made." So infuriating!

Also, Sadie is getting so big! Babies grow so fast, it is kinda D:

Oh and a terrible thing happened where my friend broke the mug you made! So sad!

Meredith said...

Routines are key. Also it's not babysitting if its his child, it's called taking a turn parenting ;)
Take Care

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