Friday, July 02, 2010

Video time

This was dinner last night that Mikaela made. Chicken penne pasta and watermelon. So yummy. We had it for lunch today. Finally the video link appeared so this is a test to see if it works:



heidi said...

it works!! well, mine is missing the sound, but the picture is there...

oh the cruelty of parents to put their babies through tummy time. i felt so mean every time i did it...those heads must be so dang heavy for those floppy little necks! she is so stinkin cute!

Miranda said...

ya, I gotta get something else to take video with. Maybe a cheapie digital camera.

I cant wait until she likes tummy time, but for now its more a crying fest.

Fiona said...

She's getting a good little workout! Strong little lady!

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