Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hot hot hot

It was one of those days where the temperature inside was the same as the outside. The only thing that kept us inside was the fact that the box fan blew air slightly cooler on you.

Today was a day where all we did was lay on the floor in front of the fans and sweat. Ugh.

Many tepid baths were had by the little one. She enjoyed then immensely.

Upside of this heat was the fact that we were not going to cook dinner. Tasty cold delicious sushi was had instead.

The other impractical treat was when tony came home from school with chocolate bars. Oh why on earth would a chocolate bar make any sense? Well, they were on sale. Of course. I bet the school just wanted to be rid of melty mess on days like this. They were good after a nice stay in the fridge.

I wish I could live in the fridge.

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