Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Tony

Its his birthday today. I've been cleaning up the house like crazy so that I feel better about the place. I am always happier in a clean house.

Also, I am a little crazy. Crazy enough to bake a cake in summer. Its not terribly hot out, but it makes it for an uncomfortable afternoon. I haven't baked in forever, probably since I was pregnant with shnooks. It feels sooooo good to do something creative in the kitchen. I used to try all kinds of new things and LOVED IT. Now my big thing is to find new toppings for a hot dog, or open a can of spaghetti sauce for pasta. woooooo! (oh the sarcasm). I haven't felt up to doing much in the kitchen, but I pushed myself to make something super special for Tony. Hes been feeling down lately. Hes worried about his health and stuff and having a birthday doesn't help that. We found him a doctor that is across the street from mine and he goes Monday to see whats going on.

So what is my super special thing? Well, its chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and probably something chocolate like for the icing. The boy loves his chocolate and had asked for chocolate cake. Never before have I tried making ganache, so not hard. Its easy peesy and very yummy. Thank goodness I hide the chocolate chips from him or I would be ganache-less.

Pictures will be on the cell phone as my cameras memory card died. It did a mitosis and split in two. The camera phone will have to do for now.

This has been the best cake so far. Its not lopsided and there are no crumbs in the icing. I am getting lots better at this thing.

I enjoyed my piece, and am only having one. That is my limit. The rest of the cake has been shared with the babysitters (Beth and my mother in law). They babysat while we went to a movie.

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Jennifer said...

The icing sugar in my cupboard is Rogers's how often I use the stuff.

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