Thursday, July 22, 2010


The little one had her first set of shots today. I have been dreading this appointment for weeks now. It didnt help that I had a raging case of heartburn last night that kept me up thinking about it all. So waking up was unpleasant, I felt crappy, but Sadie was oblivious to what was to come and was smiling and being super cute.

It was wonderful that Tony came and carried her in the snuggly. Everyone was looking at the cute guy with the little baby strapped to his chest. I couldn't have done that alone and I wont do it alone with the next set of shots.

The first part of the appointment was good, shes very long for her age, the doctor had to measure her twice cause she was a bit surprised at her length. All and all, Sadie is normal average for everything else.

The next part was worst. I had to sit and not look while Tony held her little legs. Sadie is never keen on having her legs still, shes a kicker, ever since utero. I haven't heard her cry like that hardly ever, but according to Tony she held her breath and turned purple and then wailed and shrieked. That was only one shot, there were 2 more. Each time, she did the same thing, and she was almost inconsolable. Poor dear. It took a while to calm her after they were all done.

Now we are done, she is home and we napped for 2 hours before I woke up. She is still sleeping and I had to wake her up to eat. Going to check her temperature to see how shes doing. Poor little girl had a horrible day.

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heidi said...

absolutely HATE those shots, every single time. i always found that nursing my babies immediately following the shots helped tremendously (you can just ask the nurse if its okay to stay in the room and they are more than happy to allow you as much time as you need). praying that she doesn't have any reactions and sleeps wonderfully for you tonight.

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