Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Sometimes I cant stand where I work. Listening to some peoples grating voices drives me nuts.
So you know those cool iron on transfer sheets for making your own t shirts? I had a customer iron it on the shirt first and then stuff the shirt in the printer. Honestly, how can someone be that stupid? I mean, there are step by step instructions on the package, how do you miss that?? And then they expect me to cover the repairs to the unit under the warrenty! BAH! I also love the older customers who expect me to give them whatever they want because they are older, and tell me they know more than me and expect everything for free. Well, if you know everything customer, why do you call? Why dont you fix it yourself??? GRRRR! oh well. Audrey, you would understand. I read your last post, and I know its true.

Also, dont worry about being a geek, I played Starwars Lego, Sims2, Scene it, Scene it Harry Potter Edition and Guildwars all in one day, and it was great!

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