Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Late Valentines Day!

It was a good valentines day yesterday. We celebrated it yesterday cause I worked until 12:30 on the actual valentines day. Tony woke me up by trying his hardest to place some roses beside my head. When I woke up to the crunching of the paper, he was all upset that he couldn't surprise me.
He brought me the Becoming Jane movie yesterday after work! Even though he despises those types of movies he got it for me. I know he wont be watching it with me because he makes fun of it and ruins those types of movies.

When I woke up this morning I the bird cage was left open (Tony :P) and the bird was on the very edge of her door looking at me like she just came back from an adventure. She must have adventured beside the heater, she loves that spot. She flapped her wings at me and sqawked before taking a few steps towards the cage.

Bird is now in my room on Tony. He felt she should have a real adventure since I was writing about her, and so let her fly in our bedroom.(She is not normally allowed.) She was on a slippery dvd case and I tipped it and she slid flapping her wings. She bit my thumb to keep from falling off.

The internets/cable guy is leaving now which means I should be able to post this. yay!

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