Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whats cooking good lookin?

Well....I am kinda sick of the stuff I have been cooking recently. I have cooked fish and veggies and stirfry but I am kinda bored of all that. I don't wanna make chicken stew and I have been thinking of meatloaf, but besides that, does anyone have a good dinner ideas that use ground beefs or noodles or farmer sausage (doesn't have to be all mixed together either lol).

Anyways I am going to go do my hair, actually this episode of a baby story looks interesting, this woman shares the same huge fear of needles as I do. Hmm might have to watch a little of it, except the needle parts, I always squint or look away then.


James Abrahams said...

Chili!! Make it hot an spicy!! In your crock pot, use a six bean mix if you like chickpeas like I do.

Aria said...


I dunno if it will help, but alanna gave this site to me a while back and it looks interesting.
I am on the hunt for good recipies and idears for you now (even though this post is old) lol

heidi said...

hmmm...ground beef....i do tacos a lot. ew and hamburger helper in a pinch (josh always makes a face, but it's really not that bad). i second james' chili idea, my mom's recipe is great and isn't too spicy. i can email it to you if you like, its super easy. it was one of the first meals i made for josh! and of course, spaghetti and meatballs. josh loves my meatballs, they're so flavorful. and easy too!

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