Tuesday, July 22, 2008

its cloudy!

It hasnt been overcast and cloudy for a while. I have taken the sun for granted it seems.
Tony has been calling the bird a "he" and I don't like it, its getting on my nerves especially since he says "she" at first and then calls her a "he". I want him to give up, but he wont.

I was flipping through the channels and saw the Gorn on TV.

Painted another little painting for Tony. Its in the bathroom and I will get a picture of it when my camera returns or if the phone takes a decent one.

I have been browsing on etsy lately and been inspired to be more crafty. I have crafty plans to make magnets for my metal cupboards in the kitchen.

My neck has been sore lately, so I secretly stole Tonys pillows and I realized that yes, my dead flat pillows are the cause of my aches and pains I think. He was pretty miffed when he woke up with a sore neck and back. Time to get pillows :)

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