Friday, July 18, 2008

travelling home...

My bus ride home was pretty interesting. Things were pungent on the bus tonight. I sat beside a hippie lady who smelled like a million cats and terrible vitamins, 2 drunks and a man who looked like the nutty professor. Thank goodness my bus ride with them was short.

Work sucked today, got people who just didn't seem to get anything I was saying. Frustrating to also chat with someone who needs help, but cannot understand you and is using an online translator to try and interpret what you are saying. Him using the translator to chat to me was terrible in itself because I couldn't tell what he was saying and when I asked him to clarify, it just made everything worse.

Gonna see the Dark Knight with Tony and my Mom in law on Saturday. I have waited a while to see this one, it better live up to my expectations.

Time to go to bed.

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