Thursday, April 29, 2010

a baby maybe tomorrow ish?

Going to the doctor tomorrow. Shes doing sweeping the membranes to see if this baby will happen. I am game for it cause I feel as ready as I will ever be, but I am still nervous. There's still 2 weeks before the actual due date, but at 35 weeks ish things were already almost ready. She told me that its not necessarily gonna work, especially with first babies, but I have suspicion that it will. I get weird painful contractions every other day, just one a day, but it hurts and then I feel all icky and kinda crampy but not painful enough crampy. So we shall have to see. Maybe baby will stick around a bit.

A friend of mine for like 14 ish years --(man its been that long) had his baby a couple days ago. That was super exciting and now I just want it to be so I can meet my baby.

So today I was up at 7 am, went to the store at like 8:30, hit up Starbucks ( I am starting to really like latte's) to kill some time and then went home and made super breakfast for Tony and his friend and cleaned the house. Still have the gross things to do like the bathroom and take out garbage, but I can get that done tonight.

I think its time to relax my brain and watch some tv.

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