Wednesday, April 21, 2010

blood pressure

I'm hoping today is just an off day for me. Had my doctors appointment this morning. Normally blood pressure is not a big deal for me and I am usually fine. Shes so fast with checking it too that I knew something was up when she did it again on this arm, and squeezed it harder. Then she checks the other arm and keeps telling me to relax. I'm relaxed and breathing all deep. Apparently it was high. Listened to the baby, baby is fine. Blood pressure laying down was fine. Just sitting up it was high ish.

This means no exercise for me right now and relative rest at home. The only thing I could think of that worries me is losing all this weight and the nightmare that I swear came out of a horror film last night. I dont even watch horror films, but in this terrible dream I was in the delivery room of the hospital, wasnt pregnant and saw many women, some that I recognized all screaming and blood was pouring from them and one was talking about the pain.......*shudders*.

Seriously, I saw the birth movies with Tony, they were not that bad, and I know that, but man, that was nuts. I didnt sleep after that, and just woke up extra early.

I hope this is just an off day for me, but now that I think about it, I was way more stressed I think when I was in school and had a panic attack about homework and projects and stuff.

I guess its good that we have a new show to watch and there are 5 seasons of it that we have to watch. Its "How I met your Mother". Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious. Tony loves this show, more than Glee I think.

This is my favourite picture of him. hehehe.


heidi said...

it takes most women a year to lose all that weight anyway, so do not worry a bit about that. as for the dream, it sounds horrible! you will be fine and do fine.

Aria said...

Nasty birth dreams. I saw a baby story today and the woman was fine through the whole thing - just got an epidural and was sailing - she was smiling through most of it.... weirdo.

Anywho, I told you about how I met your mother ages ago! I <3 Neil Patrick Harris.

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