Saturday, April 10, 2010

No fear

Larissa was over today. She brought carmel cupcakes from Whole foods as well as berries and juice. I had the banana bread and we had treats. It made my day :) I need to do that more often. We got on the topic of food and trying new things. People get really baffled at the fact that we try making foods that are scary sounding to make but in reality are simple but different. Like when I made marshmallows. People were amazed that I made them homemade. They loved them, they were fluffy, and they were like a small amount of ingredients and took much whipping, but in the end were awesome as presents for Christmas.

Well, I was thinking about what to bring to my mom in laws house for dinner tomorrow. We are doing late Easter dinner there. She is making the turkey dinner and things. I thought I would bring something that's traditional from my family Easter dinner to their place. I don't know if they've had it or heard of it before, but Paska Bread it is.

No fear was going through my mind as I went to the store. I've never used yeast before, never ever. Yeast scares me.

Grabbed my orange, hundreds of millions sprinkles, and yeast and home I went. Called Aria before I started to get down the basics. She is the baker one in the family and she made this a couple weeks ago.

(also printed Lovella's paska recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook). It was super good when Aria made it. 

Multiply my pretties!!!

My pretty little dough ball after kneading it.

Called Aria again to make sure I was doing things right. I hate screwing up food. 

It grew!

All my cute loaves ready to go.

And done. The little ones look a little pale, but I tested them and they are done. The big momma one is pretty but lopsided like the others. Once they have icing on them, they will look better. Icing them tomorrow with their sprinkles yay!


misslarissabree said...

that looks amazing! I havent made bread yet maybe I will make some!

Miranda said...

it wasnt as bad as I thought. I halved the recipe that I used cause I cannot eat that much paska. It helped to have aria to call to make sure i did it right. This makes enough for Tony's family and our small one. Its so good toasted.

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