Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 Stories: Childhood Games

Scary Pillow: Don't ask me how we came up with this game, but Aria and I thought up this game at home while we were bored. We would take turns curling up into a little ball, and the other would pretend to sleep on this curled up "pillow". The "pillow" would start making growling noises and we would scare each other silly with not knowing when the pillow would wake up. It was one of those really crazy weird games we did by ourselves.

Dressup: Ohhhh I think everyone who came to our house played with our dressup clothes. Our Aunty Laura gave us the most glittery shiny clothes from probably value village. We had a black sequin covered mini dress, (could have been a shirt), a gold dress, a red metallic dress, postman shirt (every guy wanted to wear it when they played dress up or house with us) and a bunch of other clothes.  Playing house was so fun. There was a white nightie house coat lingerie thing which served as an awesome princess dress or a wedding dress.

Hide and Seek: Living on a farm for 3 years gave me the best childhood memories. There was a long driveway lined with big bushes. Some of those bushes had been removed before we moved in. This made it so we could climb into the bushes, and kinda creep underneath them to hide. It was one of my favourite hiding places. I don't think it ever occurred to me that there were big bugs everywhere in there. Other favorite hiding spots were the linen cupboard. It was almost like a tiny room. I could curl into a ball in one of the shelves and just pile blankets in front of me. We had wicked awesome games there also because inside the house there were lots of rooms. Little mini bedrooms were downstairs (they were so small they were used for storage) as well as if we played outside, there was a big barn and trees and bushes everywhere. Hide and seek was epic there.

Fort: Using couch cushions, pillows, blanket, chairs and furniture I would make the most incredible forts. I loved making elaborate forts to hang out in, to play in with my sister. Sometimes the books used to hold the blankets up would fall and sometimes it would hurt, especially if they fell on my head. I have instilled fort making in my baby already. She plays fort in her play gym thing on the floor. She gets so excited being in there.

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I literally laughed out loud about "Scary Pillow". That is awesome!

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