Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby pics for momma

She now does raspberries with her bottom lip out and the top sucked in. I love it. 

I got some new film/lens for the hipstamatic app and had to try them out. Tamara was right, it is so awesome. I need to get me an iphone stat so I can take more pictures when I am out and about than just using Tony's phone. 

I love waking up when shes playing in the crib so nicely beside me. Its a nice little alarm clock to hear her talking to her toys. 

She was investigating her new blanket from Mikaela yesterday on the big girl bed. She and I love to hang out there. I read, she plays. Its nice and quiet usually. Sometimes we go there if she doesn't want a nap. She will nap there when all else fails.

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