Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The girl and I had a photo shoot at the park today. She was quite excited, what with the fresh air and chance to eat leaves. mmm leaves. New things to eat that mommy doesn't want you to eat. I got it away from her right after this was taken. Eventually she will eat worse things, but if I can prevent it I will.

Lately I've been sorting the photos that I want printed. I have a wack of them on the computer, but its just a matter of adjusting the lighting or cropping and I haven't been bothered to do it. Last night I spent a couple hours getting things ready. I hope to have stuff printed out this weekend. Digital is awesome but at the same time I never take stuff to get printed.


Tams said...


Miranda said...

I want a big people version of her sweater.

heidi said...

i know what you mean about not printing digitals. for editing, i make it a point to edit every good picture whenever i download a batch from my camera. it takes a wee bit longer at the time, but it saves me from doing it all at once at the end.

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