Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas Ornament #3 [Norwegian Woven Paper Heart]

Norwegian Woven Paper Heart.

I used:

-Sheet Music
-Christmas Scrapbook paper from last year
-Red Ribbon

I used this tutorial to make mine. The sheet music is beautiful (thank you again Laura).

I am going to be making a bunch more. The sheet music looks so nice with it. Gotta dig up more of my Christmas papers. I also like them because you can put treats or things inside them. They would be great for Valentines day. Maybe I'll make 25 of these and make them kinda like an advent calendar, each pocket can hold a treat and part of the Christmas Story in it.

These are my felt roses that I was making today. Dead easy to make and you could do it with tissue paper as well. They are part of something bigger. Maybe a bouquet or on a wreath. Gotta make a wreath this year, its one of my crafty goals.  I used this tutorial to make them. 


heidi said...

LOVE those ornaments! i'm glad i've kept pretty christmas cards in a box, i'm thinking that i could try my hand at making them with those!

Miranda said...

oh cards would be perfect for this. I always save my cards and I should really use them for other things instead.

Blue Star Vermont said...

I loved making these for Valentines Day when my son (now 22) was a little nipper. Can I pin this on Pinterest with a link to your blog to spread word of you there?