Tuesday, October 12, 2010

what we've been up to

This thanksgiving weekend we went to Pentiction for Tony's Great Aunt's 80th Birthday Party. Packed up the baby and we went in a van for a couple days up there. I've never been down town Pentiction really. It looks super nice. I saw the Pentiction Vineyard. I wish we had more time to explore, but it was a quick trip.

On the way down, Sadie was unhappy. Super unhappy. Maybe it was her ears, or maybe she was hungry. I think it was mostly that she was trapped in her seat for way too long. Shes not accustomed to being in there. She thrashed around and screamed. Then there was traffic. We stopped in Chilliwack to feed her and let her roll around on my parents living room floor. She wouldn't eat until she had played a bit. She has her priorities. My smiley girl was back for a bit.

Thank you Mikaela and everyone else for the pretty new clothes. She looks so cute in her fall sweater and jeans. The jeans fit her too!

Recently, she has tried rice cereal mixed with formula. Shes not quite ready yet, but I'm getting her used to it by giving her a tiny bit every couple days. She got real excited about the spoon. She wanted to hold it, and gnaw on it, but not eat from it as much.

 It was a lot of fun feeding her. Watching her facial expressions. She did eat some of it.

This last one she had just gagged on a tiny lump and this was right afterward. She gave me the stink eye.

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Fiona said...

That is the cutest little sweater!!
I <3 argyle!

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