Friday, October 01, 2010

What's in my Purse?

Here it is again, only this time its my purse. What goodies did I find? Well, from left to right :

Its my billabong purse...I think its time to find a non summery one.
Sunglasses, cause I'm cool like that.
Starbucks napkin, just in case.
Hello Kitty change purse, with the bus money inside.
Grapefruit Body Butter from the Body Shop.
Mint from sushi place.
Loose change that was thrown in there willy nilly. 
Hair elastics.
Bulging roxy wallet...time to get a new one, its just embarrassing how dirty it is.
Map for transit to where I needed to go that day.
Keys, complete with nail clipper key chain thing and sharpie *sharpie is so handy on my key chain*.
Many other sharpies and pens.
Lip balm.
eBay brand antibacterial stuff from when the H1N1 flu came out at work. Super handy and smells like lemon.

In other news, I had an ultrasound for my gallbladder and liver. They ultrasounded all my innards. I saw my spleen! Waiting to see how it goes. This was for my terrible heartburn that could be gallbladder attacks.

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