Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 9 Months Sadie

From slithering, to creeping, to crawling, you are always on the go now. You love being naked, or almost naked, so what better way to celebrate being 9 months old than getting to play naked for a bit.

You blabber on to yourself or me early in the mornings.

You get into so much trouble. I've had to fish many things out of your mouth. Vacuuming is now a daily thing, cause otherwise I find you gagging on bits of felt or stuff you find in the carpet.

You have a love / hate thing going on with solid foods. Some days are good eating days, like this morning, it has started well. But some days you refuse to eat. You frustrate me. Today for snack in the living room, you had banana, and you loved it. You also loved using my pants as a napkin.

Speaking of fruits, I found you a wooden set of fruit that velcro together. I loved these when I was little, so I was so happy to see them at winners. You love them too. You gnaw on them like real food almost.

Happy 9 months sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Cutest baby in the world.
I love her scrunched up toesies.
Love mom

Miranda said...

i am glad you liked her pictures, aria said you were going through withdrawals

hello deer! said...

What a beautiful baby! You're so blessed.

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