Saturday, April 02, 2011

sunny days

Today was all in all a good day. Despite the hives Sadie had from eating scrambled egg yolks, she was pretty happy. She had a baking soda bath, a nap, and then felt much better. The picture above is how I find her during her naps. Always starts out under the covers, and then ends up like this.

I put her in this dress so I could monitor her hives, and so far shes doing good. They are kind of faded still. Those hives didn't stop us from going to the park, where she ate dirt and squealed at the kids. So from now on, we're going to stay away from plain cooked eggs for a while.

I love this dress. I've been dying for the weather to get warmer so she could wear it. She only wears it inside cause its still chilly out. Its been windy the last few days, but sunny. Sunny enough that all the kids come out and play, and she loves our trips to the park. She's content watching birds, and tasting rocks.
I didn't bring the camera to the park, cause afterward, we picked up groceries. We made banana chocolate chip muffins, and I am going to pick up some whole wheat flour to make peach muffins and Sadie muffins. She's been into muffins lately.

"Check out my legs momma"

Man, I love her chubby legs...


Cin said...

Shes so sweet looking :)

Fiona said...

She's adorable!

I love to spy on Liam when he's sleeping because of the strange positions he gets himself into.

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