Tuesday, August 16, 2011

haven't been up to much lately...

Haven't been up to much lately. Staying home and entertaining Sadie is what I do all day long, but when I feel up for it we go to the park. Parks are the best entertainment for this little girl. I got to sit on the grass in the shade and watch her run around picking up rocks and leaves. Since it was so nice out, there were many other kids there. She was thrilled to stand and watch them, occasionally shrieking at them.

We also met a little boy today who is her age. Sadie wanted to hug him. It turned into a tackle.It resulted in a scraped elbow and tears from her, even though she fell mostly on top of him. The little boy got up like it was nothing. To him, it probably was nothing as he has a 3 year old sister who tackles him on a regular basis. It was cute none the less.

Who even needs swings when you have dirt galore to explore in? We never got near them. She did give me handfuls of dirt to hold. I got almost as dirty as she did.

We killed an hour at the park, which was awesome. Waved goodbye to all the kids, and tearfully made our way home. Once I plunked her into the tub, I saw her scraped up elbow. We fixed her up, and after lunch, headed for bed. I'm sure I'll get a 2.5 - 3 hour nap from her today.

Park is on my wishlist for when we move. We need a park close by  where I can let her run wild.

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heidi said...

our local park keeps me sane! plus its often a great place to meet other moms and make new friends :) wish we lived closer and could do park playdates, nursing our babes at the picnic table while the older ones run around.

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