Saturday, August 13, 2011


(Sadie is modeling a peach pear banana yogurt smoothie)
Sadie and I still have issues regarding food. I want her to eat it, and she wants to eat little bits of it and then throw the rest on the floor. Our other food issues are that her favorite foods always change. She will love strawberries for a week, and then won't touch them for a month. I try and vary it up with different fruits and veggies (don't get me started on eating meats), but she will stick with a favorite for a week or 2, and then hate it for a month.

(These are just some of the freezer baggies of fruit I have for her)
The one thing she hasn't given up on yet are smoothies. So when her favorite fruit of the week is pears for example, or if I try a new fruit that she "hates" I chop it up, or puree it, and freeze it. To get more dairy into this kid, I've also taken to freezing the full fat greek yogurt (as seen in the first baggie) to mix in with her smoothie. My freezer door is full of leftover fruit in baggies that she has rejected.
My favorite fruit combo is peach, banana, strawberry with yogurt. Sadie doesn't care about the combo, which is so nice. I love tossing in leftover fruit in the magic bullet for her. Magic bullet is the best for smoothies by the way, but not for anything else. Mine has lasted me 4 years.

I'll probably try blending some spinach into a smoothie for Sadie. I've been a little hesitant to do it, but its a super good veggie, and she doesn't care for leafy things. I wonder how she'll deal with a green drink...

What are your favorite combos for smoothies? 
Have you tried veggies or spinach in a smoothie? How does it taste? 

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misslarissabree said...

Usually with adding veggies in smoothies as long as you have something else in there thats more falvourful you wont even taste it. You could try peanut butter banana smoothie.
Or adding some beets!

Erika Lee Sears said...

she is darling. i do juicing versus smoothie- but i dont think you you can really taste it when you add like spinach or celery.

Jennifer said...

I happen to be drinking a smoothie right now :)
Banana, raspberry, peach. Blended with Mango/tango and cranberry juice. Don't forget the protein powder and flaxseed oil ;)

Tara said...

Yum! I blend avocados with my fruit- you dont taste them at all, but it makes the smoothie super thick. Plus you get all those great yummy healthy fatty oils too!

Miranda said...

Thank you gals! I love all the new ideas for my girls smoothies. :) I will be getting something more than fruit in there.

heidi said...

YES! go green with spinach! you can't even taste it i promise. i also add a bit of wheat germ in mine. i buy a tropical fruit blend at costco (pineapple, passion fruit, strawberries) and blend that with a bit of yogurt and pineapple juice and a banana to thicken it up. mmmmm...

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