Tuesday, September 06, 2011

what happened in the past week

Last week was nice and hot out, it was almost like regular summer weather. We packed up the little ones and headed to my moms work to swim in the pool. She works at a summer camp, and since camp is over, we got to enjoy the pool all to ourselves. On the drive up, the kidlets got tired, and fell asleep, both slouching their heads to the left. Even propped up with blankets, they still managed to slouch.

Since we wanted to get to camp before dinner time, we cut Sadie's nap short. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper. Just trying to get her in a swim suit was tough, let alone sunscreened and life jacketed. Once she settled down and was ready to go, we let her head out to the pool. She tripped, and then hitting her forehead on the pavement. That had to have hurt. Poor girl.  She wailed, I panicked a bit, cause its her head, on the non forgiving pavement. She got a red/purple bruise on her forehead, and after a couple mintues, she was fine, and ready to swim. The family swam and had a good time with Sadie, and I enjoyed the beautiful view of Cultus Lake and tanned while Lucas slept in the shade.

This week I also got to enjoy a really delicious treat, hummus. I normally dont eat this stuff because Tony despises it. He hates the texture and the fact that you are cursed with garlic breath for the rest of the day. This hummus was store bought roasted pinenut hummus. Oh sweet wonderful stuff, how good it tasted with naan.

I also am catching up on Mad Men. I feed Lucas in my bedroom, and its nice and quiet, and I dont have to worry about flashing my family boobs. I havent watched it in a year or so. Good golly, that show makes me want to smoke, and I'm totally against smoking. Smoking has never looked that cool as it does in that show. I also really want to wear all the dresses that Joan and Betty wear. Gorgeous!

Enough about Mad Men though. Sadie is pretty much used to her brother and his crying. Now when he cries, she comes over and loves him. She leans over and puts her head on him, or pats his hair, or kisses him. Her kisses are licks, and she likes to try and lick his eye. Its gross but cute. She's such a sensitive little being - just like me.

So thats the past week, and now I'm going to try and catch up on blogging. I think having the notebook in my bedroom at night might help me stay awake while I'm feeding the little boy

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Anneliese said...

I see you enjoyed Cultus Lake too ... were you at Camp Stillwood?
By the way.. yes the lightning tree is still there but does not look like the picture.

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