Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moving day commeth

The end is in sight! Its a happy/stressful time here in our apartment. Moving day is on the 15th! I'm so excited to get out of our very cramped space. Right now sipping on my starbucks cup filled with water while blogging from my mattress in the middle of the living room floor. I'm surrounded by furniture, boxes, and odd and ends of things that should be packed away.  Our current living situation is now this; Lucas stays in the living room with us, and Sadie has taken over our bedroom. During the day, there isnt much place to play, so Sadie and I play on the mattress, and Lucas watches from his bouncy seat (one of my favorite second hand purchases).

I've been packing all week, and just ran out of boxes and packing tape today. Luckily, my sister in law Beth is coming over tomorrow to help,and I can get the rest of the odds and ends finished. I've tried to stay organized, but I'll still end up sorting stuff, and throwing stuff out after we move.

This week, Lucas smiled his first real smile at me. Made me melt inside. Sadie also says "BUM!" more like "BUHH!" when I ask for a diaper for Lucas, or if she sees the rolled up used diaper that I havent thrown out yet.

So I'll try and take more interesting photos of the move and such, but here is the best one of his smile (he gets distracted by the pretty pink rectangle near his face most times, so I was lucky to get this one before he started starring at the phone).

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Nae said...

Nawwww!! What a scrummy wee man!! Good luck packing! :)

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