Friday, December 23, 2011

couch snoozer

My littlest child is not a sleeper. If he could be awake all day long, he would be. He has been. Its not pretty. I'm used to him taking a longish nap (like 2 hours) once a day. ONCE A DAY?!?! Really, is this how its going to be? Sadie took 2-3 2hr naps every day when she was tiny. She was a sleeping pro when it came to naps. Now, I'm reduced to hoping he has his one nap and is good.

I've cluster fed him before naps, I make sure hes kind of on schedule, but its still tough.

Today was different, and I think I know why. He hates our room.Our room is right above the garage like all the other blessed bedrooms in the house. This makes them unreasonably cold. I make sure to keep him all bundled and warm, but in there he only naps 2 hours and then thats it. Today he was getting way too tired (probably from lack of sleep during the days) and fell asleep at 10 am on the couch. He then slept for 3 HOURS! What???? The only difference was that I had him in my big fleece blanket and in his smaller one. So he was warm, and cozy and happy on the couch. It was awesome. Right now its 6:30pm, and hes sleeping on the couch again. Even with his sister running around making noise and building block towers as high as herself.

So my boy likes it warm. I dont really want him to nap on the couch all the time, cause then I can't sew things up with the noisy sewing machine, but I can do dishes, and cook and watch tv. So for now to get my sanity back, I think he'll be a couch sleeper, just for naps.

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heidi said...

hooray for warm snuggly fleeces and a couch!!! so glad you've found some thing that works...still trying to find that one thing that'll work for ava's naps!

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