Thursday, February 09, 2012

a bump

2 days ago, I was doing my hair and I felt it. The lower right of my scalp had a bump. Didn't think much of it, Ive had a cyst on the other side of my head before and it went away. The day after, it hurt. Hurt a lot, and felt bigger.

So yesterday I went to the doctor.

He wasn't sure what it was.

So I'm on antibiotics in case its an infection. I'm also due to get my scalp ultrasounded this afternoon. Which doesn't seem pleasant when pressing or touching the bump hurts my head.

So I'm worried. I know I cant do anything, but the worst scenarios appear in my head, and I think I'm gonna lose it soon if I don't know what it is.

I'm wearing an ice turban to make my head feel better. It helps.

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heidi said...

praying hard.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everything will be okay! Thoughts and prayers going out to you. <3

Mila said...

Sending sweet thoughts your way.

Cin said...

:( Oh sweety. I saw your comments about frozen veggies on twitter but didn't think to check here. ~hugs~ Good thoughts your way.

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