Wednesday, March 07, 2012

She'll share...

 But usually on her own terms, and its usually food Lucas can't have yet.
He likes to touch it all the same.

I love finding them doing things like this. Yesterday I found Sadie trying to drag Lucas around by his hands. She wanted to dance with him I think. I had the music blaring that afternoon, and we had already been dancing.

I like having my computer in the kitchen. Good for music and editing photos when the kids are sleeping. I have a hard time being in our "office" during the day. It feels so closed off. I was used to having a computer in the living room.

There may be a computer in the living room again though. Lucas is driving us both crazy sleep wise. He's a light sleeper, and I think if he were on his own, he might be better off. Oh to have my own room again...

We'll see, there might be a move this weekend to get him out of our room.

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