Wednesday, April 04, 2012

some days all I need is chocolate

So, I have a confession. This week has been particularly rough with Lucas teething. So bad was it that I ate the easter bunny that I was saving for Tony.

Yep, I ate his beautiful bunny over the course of 3 days. The worst days, I might add. It was like a bad day spread over 3 of them.

Sadie fed on my frustration by being as naughty as she could. She figured that to get attention, you need to scream, so whenever Lucas screamed - which was nearly all day long- she screamed.

She threw blocks at me and her brother, she constantly whined, and it drove me nuts. Time-outs were no longer working. She was sent to her room where the screaming just intensified.

So during nap time, I broke into the chocolate stash and ate a piece of that bunny, knowing full well that once I started this, I had to finish him. I mean, whats the point in getting a half eaten bunny for easter anyways?

Its done. I've had my chocolate fix, and I'm lucky that my boy has been less screamy teethy these last couple days, otherwise I'd have eaten Sadie's bunny too....and thats bad.

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Grandma J. said...

Good for you. Do not feel one bit guilty - the definition of guilt is that you have done something Wrong - you simply realized that you could chocolate as a coping tool. Have done it myself many times. Your kids are adorable.

Cin said...

~hugs~ There is always more chocolate to buy :) Don't feel bad.

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