Thursday, May 10, 2012

playing in the wind - or - how to tire out the children before bed

 Our sleeping patterns are changing. Tony's schedule is an hour earlier than normal, which I'm ok with, but the kids are starting to find that the sun is up at 6 am and therefore they should be up to. I'm not ok with that. Lucas in particular is up at 6 and Sadie soon follows when she hears him. This means an hour or so of whining before they fall asleep again or are just quiet. Bedtime hasn't changed, but waking up has.
So we're installing curtain rods and I'm making curtains that will block out the sun so they will sleep.

Last night we tried running around in the yard to get them good and tired. It was kinda cold and windy, so it wasn't for too long, but they loved it. I never appreciated a back yard until now. Do any of you wake up at 6 am with the kids? Have blinds or curtains worked in keeping them sleeping?
Material suggestions or ideas on keeping the sun out are appreciated.

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D. Lynn @Purple Kale said...

We installed blackout curtains in both of our kids' rooms. It really helped us out!!!

heidi said...

yes, blackout curtains are great. in ava's room i bought a cheap black accordian style blind (basically black paper) from walmart for like $6 which has adhesive that you stick to the top of your windowsill. i put that behind her curtains, and it works awesome, especially for naps. the boys have an inner alarm clock that goes off at 6am, so if all else fails, just put them to bed an hour earlier and enjoy extra quiet time with your mam!

Kirstin Anne said...

My little guy wakes up around 6 too, at first I thought it was just because of the time switch, but after several weeks of waking up at six I couldnt take it and just put him back in his crib to see what he would do. A little wimper and right back to sleep hah! Sometimes he decides he actually is ready to wake up and in that case, we start the day early. I havent considered getting black out blinds, but thats a great idea. Ive seen some really nice ones at ikea, but they can be a little pricey.

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