Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Childless weekend + Sadie moves into a big bed

Its been kinda slow going over here. The good sunny weather has seemed to disappear behind grey cloudy days sprinkled with showers here and there. My strawberries are ripening, the seedlings are looking more like plants now. I'm so pleased.

Last Thursday was hard. Hard in the ways of parenting and keeping sanity. It was a gross day out (again) and so we were stuck inside again.

Lucas is getting into everything lately. He does the worm when he moves anywhere. He was worming over to bits on the kitchen floor, and he'd scream when I'd take them away or sweep them up. Sadie was extra naughty. Didn't want to nap. Instead, she found it extremely satisfying to sit on her brother and bounce up and down. He'd scream, and she'd laugh, and I was in the middle of making dinner with gooey raw chicken hands. "NO Sadie, get off your brother!" She looked at me and squealed with delight as if it was instead met as a challenge to bounce on him as much as possible. Washed gooey chicken hands, sent Sadie to time out. Everybody starts to scream now. Sadie is angry at time out, Lucas is upset cause he's not being held 24/7. I am just trying to get food for you children.

So after the screaming ended, I called my mother, telling her of how I feel like selling my children. So, she volunteered to take them for the entire weekend!


That would resolve all my problems. I got through the rest of that day and the next by reminding myself that I'd have the weekend away to do child free things. ALL WEEKEND!

I am a lucky girl to have parents that can take my children like that. I love them.

I tried to get a lot of things done. I cleaned the entire house. Vacuumed the house - which needed it badly- cause remember, Lucas now likes to find bits on the floor.

We went yard sale-ing, to Ikea, and then Costco. I made cabbage rolls for the first time- so delicious. Then I started reading the Game of Thrones book in absolute peace and quiet.

It was like heaven.

One surprise for the kids when they came home was that Sadie got a new big girl bed, and Lucas inherited Sadie's crib finally (He's been living in the pack n'play).

Sadie got home and when I showed her the new bed, there was so much excited shrieking. She was up and down up and down on that bed, putting her toys on it, tucking herself in. It was adorable. 

Lucas likes the space in the crib, but is not used to having bars, and has gotten his chubby legs stuck twice already. I'm sure he'll learn soon...I hope.

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Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Good for you for having a nice break! : ) Carter got his legs stuck between the bars a few times too, he was not pleased :(

Sadie Dear said...

Yay for the big girl bed! I totally know what you mean about wanting to sell the kids- and I only have one of the non-furry variety.

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