Wednesday, June 13, 2012

our only sunny day

 It was our only gorgeous day, and we made an effort to take advantage of it. After their nap we packed up our lunch and went outside to enjoy the sunshine. It was so nice to have some heat after having nothing but cloudy gloomy rainy days. I thought summer was here, but apparently not yet.
 Sadie explored the weeds and flowers. Picking many and then leaving them with her brother. He loved trying to taste them all. She also had a great time eating ice from my iced tea and trying to fish out my mint leaves. My mint plant is coming in handy. We spent the rest of the day outside until bedtime. My children were a very good kind of tired. Nothing is better than being outside all day.
I'm not good at plants, I blame my mother for not passing on that knowledge :) 
What is this plant? I don't have a clue.
Lucas is teething in case you didn't notice. He tries to gnaw on his sister a lot, on me, and especially our toes. He's always loved toes.

We're also into the era of feeding oneself. I forgot how much mess that makes. Kid needs a trough bib the way things are going. He just isn't that coordinated yet. Nothing much has happened lately. I'm planning on going thrifting sometime in the next week or so. Its been too long. I miss finding treasures. I also am on the hunt for embroidery hoops and am in need of a couple lamps, so I hope I'll find something.

I hope there's more good weather coming, I need to finish a project that requires dry weather and space. Here's hoping it comes back.

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Nicole said...

I think I saw some embroidery hoops in value village in chilliwack :) this was lay weekend.

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