Friday, August 31, 2012

a little of this and that

Not much is new these days. I've been getting overwhelmed with thinking about all the clutter that is in my house, how disorganized it is. Just yesterday I found a power cord in my dresser drawer at the bottom. Why? How? I ask myself, but somehow it got there. Its been put on top of the dresser until I get some bins to store and organize things like cables, wireless routers, and such, and then other bins for organizing Tony's saudering iron, wires, and bits. A trip to walmart sounds like fun. Lets just hope I can keep it all organized. I tend to fall in love with the idea of organization, but never follow through.

It also doesn't make things easier when you have 2 little tornado's tearing up every room you touch. That also was an eye opener to me. I realized that my living room floor can be entirely covered in just their toys. Gross. This week the broken toys, mcdonalds toys and crap toys were thrown out, and baby toys stored away. Reduced their toys by half ish. Not bad.

Best trick to entertain a toddler while cleaning the kitchen, a sink full of bubbles and water. Throw in a few cups and we're good to go. The only mess you have to clean after that is the swamp they make on the counters and floor. Its worth having one of them busy while I clean.

Oh man, fall is coming. I'm on the hunt for killer crockpot recipes. We made chicken stew, but I'm thinking of other fun things. Any suggestions are welcome!

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Jenn @ PSP said...

You probably get this all the time, but your kids are ADORABLE! Your little guy with the carrots - priceless. I can see how a little soap and water can keep kids entertained for a while : ) Lucky for you - you get to clean while they play, and then clean up what they played with ; ) Still, for a few minutes of peace, sounds like a worthy bargain!

Shannon said...

chomp chomp. ha!

heidi said...

our fav crockpot recipe:

and serve it over her lime cilantro rice (on the same site)

Miranda said...

haha shannon, my mom totally picked up on the chomp chomp in the pic too. I didn't notice it until you all pointed it out.

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