Saturday, October 13, 2012

7 quick things

1- Sadie plays pretend. I didn't know kids at this age could do that, but she does. She gets down on all fours and says NAM (this is what kitties say, its instead of meow). She smiles and crawls around, waiting to be pet on the head. I think its adorable. She also tried being a bunny, but the bunny kept saying what kitties say. I think my girl will have quite the imagination when she grows up. Once she starts talking more, it will be amazing to hear what she has to say.

2- Speaking of talking, or lack thereof, Sadie has been referred to a speech and language thereapist. I mentioned it to the doctor that she pretty much only has a vocab of 20 or so words and sounds. Even though its normal for kids her age to only have that many words, its just in case she doesn't progress by the time we see the therapist. It will be a long time before that might happen.

3-Tony and I are getting into shape. He's committed, and I'm so happy. I was doing the 30 day shred by myself, but I dropped it after a while. So if you happen to pass by our living room at 8:30 pm, don't be surprised to see two *ahem* large adults wheezing and sweating, jiggling while doing jumping jacks or butt kicks. I'm so proud of Tony though. At the beginning, it was so hard for him, and now we are ready for the level 2.

4- Lucas has been clingy. Very clingy! He cant be more than 6 inches away from me some days. He either climbs on me, sits on me, or has to cling to my legs while I cook dinner. I know it doesnt last forever, but its driving me nuts. If someone else is holding him, its ok as long as I'm not in view, cause why have someone else if mama is just right over there. This heavy boy wants to be held often, and its killing my arms (I guess it helps my workout though).

5- Issues staying tucked in. Lucas in particular has to be checked on once every night to make sure hes under his covers. Lately I find him sleeping in a curled up ball in just jammies, blankets pushed aside or underneath him. Its really hard to try and get him tucked in again, hes a light sleeper. So, my question is, is he too hot in his jammies and kicks off the blankets, and then gets too cold? Or is he probably just a thrasher like me and kicks them off just cause? Whats a good solution to keep him warm? The other day he was up at 5 am cause he was shivering cold and not under the covers. So frustrating.

6- We're finally doing something to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! We're going up to Whistler for the weekend. I've been wanting to go up there for a long time, and haven't been since before the Olympics. The Peak to Peak lift sounds incredible, and we're going to do it. We were thinking about going to Vancouver Island, but its just too expensive with the car on a ferry ride. Too bad, cause we both love it there.

7- So remember Lucas' blanket I was working on? Well, it didn't work out, AT ALL. Made me sad that as I was doing it, it was getting all warped looking. The chain was way too tight, and all the stitches afterwards got loose and before you know it, I had a weird trapezoid like blanket. So I'm starting over, and doing another for him. Same kind of colours, but different blanket. Maybe another time I'll try another granny stripe blanket.

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Fiona said...

I love it when little kids play pretend, it cracks me up.

Have you considered putting Lucas in a sleep sack? My boys room
Is quite chilly sometimes, and when we went camping I used it to keep him in at least a layer of blanket. He can still roll all around in his crib & stand up and cruise along the bars. There are some tutorials online for sewing them, but I see them in winners pretty often. I should mention I put my huge 11m old in my 0-3m size sleep sacks.

Anonymous said...

Ellie had speech delay too. She was an observer.

Boo hiss on the blanket. I started a granny stripe and had similar triangle issues. I quit 4 rows into it.

I need to wiggle and jiggle in my living room more. High five to both of you!


Miranda said...

oh good! I think I might try and find one, they sound perfect. I didn't know if it would trip him up or not.

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