Monday, December 03, 2012

getting into the Christmas spirit

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. This year it took me a lot longer to get into the Christmas spirit. I just half heartily decorated the tree, and the other decorations just sat there for over a week on my fireplace. Totally unlike me at all.

To get me out of this funk, I felt that we as a family really needed to look beyond ourselves and get into doing things for others. I was so inspired by  Their advent calendar is full of activities that they are doing for others instead of the typical advent calendars with treats inside. While our advent calendar still has treats in it, I've been making a list of things we can do for others that we know, or don't know to help us spread the joy of Christmas. I'm already excited and we have yet to start (although today is going to be baking day).

Our list so far:

-baking cookies for a Sadie's little library friends
-baking muffins for the librarians that we see at a couple times a month
-going out and donating canned goods to the food bank
-giving out homemade cards to the places we frequent the most (little asian grocery market, ect)
-leaving notes of encouragement on the bus
-sending cards and photos to great grandparents

I've yet to think of more, but I'll be brainstorming this week and starting up some of these projects soon. Christmas for me has always been about giving, but our Christmases have always been small at home. I'm hoping by bringing the kids, at least Sadie will pick up on what we're doing and next year will be even better.

If you have any wonderful ideas, let me know!

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Nicole said...

Cookies for the mailman!? Or newspaper deliverer! Sounds like great ideas you have :) I haven't wanted to decorate for Christmas. I feel like there's just not enough time to really enjoy it when the little boy is running all over!

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